Confirm & Pay for your Booking

If the hall is available and your booking has been accepted you will have received an e-mail from our Lettings Administrator advising you of a booking number and the fee payable. You can pay by either bank debit transfer or cheque. A debit transfer should be made immediately after submitting the form and the booking number should be used as a payment reference. Posted cheques should be received by us within 5 working days of confirmation.

Click on this link to complete our form on-line:

You will need to pay the ageed fee and agree to our

Please read these notes which provide useful information for all new users:

The use of adult tables and chairs is included in the hire fee.

Please note that we do not allow bouncy castles inside the Hall but they may be used on the front patio.

West End Esher Village Hall


Payment should be made by either debit transfer or cheque and details are provided on the form. The booking number notified to you should be incuded in the debit transfer payment reference or written on the back of your cheque.

IMPORTANT:  Before proceeding with this booking, please read: