Covid-19 Re-opening Road Map

Until 21 June when all legal limits on social contact are removed, we will continue to follow government guidelines to include social distancing markers, hand sanitisers and signage


You will find a Keep this Hall Covid-19 Secure poster displayed at the entrance to the Hall.


Before re-opening we have carried out a new West End Village Hall Risk Assessment

In accordance with government regulations and guidelines you will need to agree to our Special Conditions of Hire during Covid-19. 

West End Esher Village Hall


Test, trace and isolate will remain in place and you are required to record the name and contact details (phone number or e-mail) of all those that attend, for a period of 3 weeks afterwards.


Continued attention to hand washing, good hygiene, wearing of face masks and social distancing will still be required.


You are required to clean all door handles, light switches, toilet handles, toilet seats and wash basins together with any tables and chairs that you use. We will supply the surface cleaner and cloths.You will be required to clean again on leaving.


You are asked to bring your own tissues and black plastic sacks in order to dispose of all rubbish that you have created, in the Waste Bins situated in the Car Park.


The kitchen will be available for use on the condition that you clean it after use and you can bring in your own food and drink.


There is a limit of 18 people that can attend your activity

When confirming and paying for your booking, you will need to agree to our Conditions of Letting and Regulations

There is a stepped basis on which we can accept bookings for each type of activity:

STEP 1 From 12 April 2021 Bookings can be made for:

  • Children's out of school activities
  • Meetings for small groups and organisations
  • Small education groups

STEP 2 From 17 May 2021 Bookings can be made for:

  • Exercise classes including Yoga & Pilates
  • Meetings for groups and organisations of up to 18 people
  • Community groups and coffee mornings
  • Small wedding receptions, wakes and christennings up to a maximum of 18 people.

STEP 3 From 21 June 2021 all legal limits on social contact are removed. Bookings can be made for:

  • Children's parties
  • Wedding receptions, wakes and christenings up to a maximum of 75 (our Hall's capacity)
  • Meetings for all groups and organisations